Idaly Calderon, Costa Rica | Natural


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Idaly Calderon | Natural 
Location: Frailes
Varietal: Geisha & Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500 masl
Cup Score: 86
Cup profile: Vanilla ice cream, mango, kiwi, cantaloupe, sweet caramel, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, dark chocolate.

Size: 5kg


Female Producer Lot Sourced in Collaboration with Bean Voyage, Costa Rica

Bean Voyage is a feminist, non-profit organization working with women coffee producers with the objective of eradicating gender gap in farming communities. Falcon works with Bean Voyage in Costa Rica where they are supporting 120 smallholder women farmers. They have created women-only discussion groups to strengthen the women producers’ confidence and create a safe space for them to share their experience and support each other. They have created communities like this in many areas in Costa Rica. They also do in person and digital training involving higher level of technology to track progress and test the farmers on their knowledge. A huge part of the curriculum is focused on preserving biodiversity and the environment in general to tackle climate change and to produce more in adequation with the endemic ecosystems. Each farmer receives a minimum of 80 hours of training on 5 modules - farm finance, production, processing, quality analysis and gender/community. Bean Voyage also work on finding better markets for the micro lots produced with sustainable partners and fair prices paid. And this is how we started this partnership. On average, smallholder farming families see a 300% increase in farm income from farm-related activities after joining Bean Voyage this due to a better quality of the coffees but also better markets chains for the products.

This lot is produced at the CAF regional mill located in Frailes, representing 60 smallholder families. The mill has been working closely with Bean Voyage since 2017 to design their training components. Alexis Calvo, the General Director of CAF, is a Q-grader and Q-processing certified professional who has closely collaborated with Bean Voyage to inform training content. Since the 2020-21 harvest, Nayarith Calderon has assumed the role of mill manager, overseeing all operations concerning coffee processing and export.

If you want to know more about Bean Voyage, please visit