Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Fazenda Santa Hedwirges
Location: Sul De Minas
Varietal: Red Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 970 masl
Cup Score: 84.75
Cup profile: Pineapple and blueberry with dark chocolate and rum cream



With a rich heritage spanning over 90 years, Fazenda Santa Hedwirges is deeply rooted in the art of coffee production. This sprawling estate covers a total of 2400 hectares, of which 1100 hectares are dedicated to cultivating a diverse range of varietals, including Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Topázio, Arara, Rubi, and Mundo Novo. Embracing a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability, the farm strives to harmoniously coexist with the land and create a favorable working environment for its employees. Through continuous evaluation and implementation of sustainable practices, the farm actively promotes biodiversity by replanting native trees and adopting responsible approaches to sewage treatment and pesticide usage, safeguarding over 350 hectares of green areas. 

The farm's passion for producing exceptional coffees has been passed down through generations, from father to son. Under the recent involvement of Hugo Brito, the farm has embarked on a journey to elevate the quality of its production, combining advancements in technology and agronomy. It boasts four independent production centers strategically situated across the estate, facilitating the separation of different microclimates and varietals. From the careful selection of varieties to a modern and efficient post-harvest process, their commitment to quality shines through. After four years of dedicated research, they have chosen a specific type of static box for drying the coffee, allowing for controlled and gradual drying while being moved once a day. This meticulous approach is supported by computer-controlled systems that ensure precise attention to detail, enabling effective volume management, especially during unfavorable weather conditions for patio drying.

Mechanical harvesting is employed, followed by the separation of cherries into green, cherry, and dry categories. The chosen lot is then subjected to an extended 19-day sun-drying period on the patio—an unusually long duration in Brazil where the typical drying time ranges from 7 to 10 days. This extended process allows the coffee to continue fermenting on the patio, resulting in pronounced fruit flavors in the cup. Once dried to an ideal moisture content of 11%, the coffee is rested for 10 days before hulling and storage.

Through a combination of time-honored traditions, cutting-edge practices, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Fazenda Santa Hedwirges upholds its legacy while embracing innovation, delivering exceptional coffee that reflects their unwavering dedication to quality.