Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Owner: Marco Echeverri
Location: Pereira, Risaralda
Varietal: Wush Wush
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1500-1700 masl
Cup Score: 87.25
Cup profile: Cocoa nibs, red wine, brown sugar and dried mango



This region has excellent environmental conditions to grow varieties that come from Ethiopian lineage; Wush Wush is one of these planted on the farm.

Marco Echeverri is a third generation of coffee grower in his family. The coffee he has planted is now 3 years old which he has grown with his own interest and passion under the training by Café y Procesos in crop techniques and agricultural practices and processing methods.

As a result, the farm produces one of the best coffees in the region. The farm has received the name Las Nubes because at a certain point during the day, it gets covered by clouds and there is rain almost every day.

A forest surrounds the coffee crop, which becomes a habitat for many kinds of birds and is also home to the howling monkey.

The producer applies good harvesting principles with due to continuous support by Café y Procesos. The coffee trees are also pruned in a way that the shape of the trees facilitates the cherry collection. The cherry pickers have been trained to follow and pick only the colour grade desired (ripe fruits with reddish, purple and orange tones). The pickers are well paid for these care to detail as they will pick less volume working in this way.


After the cherry has been hand selected, they are placed in resting by 120 hours in a small container (33 kg of fresh cherries per container), the cold weather makes the fermentation temperature not exceed 20 Celsius degrees. This fermentation it is believed favour anaerobic fermentation and the work of the lactic bacteria and yeast is supported.

We are combining the solar drying with the NUNA Oreador technology. In the first drying stage cherries that are fermented are placed in beds in a greenhouse for a period of 4 days, subsequently, pre dried cherries are placed into the Oreador system that allow us to control the time and temperature and the air flow cycle. The total cycle of drying lasts 11 days.