What’s different about Falcon Micro?

Traditionally green coffee purchasing involves committing to contracts for 60kg bags that require storage, either at your facility or in a warehouse. At Falcon Micro we ship all coffees in 5kg boxes on a next working day service. No need to worry about storage space, your position or how much you hold on contract at any point.

This allows the roaster the freedom to explore a wider range of exceptional speciality coffees than ever before. 

Can I sample the coffees?

Our small lot sizes are an excellent way to sample our coffees, we do not offer smaller samples than a 1kg box. We aim to supply accurate and comprehensive details and analysis of each coffee, and you can trust the integrity of our quality control and cupping procedures.

Can you give advice on roasting profiles?

Because there are many different roasters available, with varying efficiency and controls, we can only ever give suggestions and prompts based on a specific coffee’s attributes, bean size and varietal.

Do I need to set up a credit account?

No. All coffee is paid for in full at checkout and dispatched the next working day. During checkout you can set up an account on the website to save your address, card details and order history.

How are your coffees assessed?

All of Falcon’s coffees are rigorously cupped and tested prior to approval. This includes cupping pre-shipment samples (prior to coffee being shipped from origin countries), cupping and analysing arrival samples and then re-cupping samples for quality control once they have landed. Our QC team includes a number of licensed Q-Graders, who test and sample all orders from our UK lab. We cup and grade coffees following strict SCA protocols, and every member or the team attends re-calibration courses to ensure consistency and calibration across the group.

As a valued customer, satisfaction with the coffees you order from us is paramount. If you believe your coffee doesn’t match our analysis or flavour descriptors, please contact us to discuss. 
There are many different variables in coffee, as with any food stuff, particularly during roasting. We are happy to help wherever a discrepancy is noted. You can contact us on micro@falconspecialty.com

Is there a minimum order?

No. You can order as few or as many boxes as you wish.

Can I buy your coffees in larger quantities?

We are very happy to discuss volume orders for our coffees, if you require a volume in quoted in 60kg bags. Please contact group@falconspecialty.com to discuss your requirements and to set up a wholesale account.

How are the coffees packed?

We aim to use recycled and recyclable/biodegradable materials and packaging wherever possible. The coffees are currently packed in recycled and recyclable plastic bags, they are then placed inside a double-walled cardboard box for shipping.

Have any more questions?

If you have a question that is not listed here, or in the resources section of the site, please send us an email and we will do our best to answer.