El Paraíso - Sake Geisha, Colombia


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Finca El Paraíso
Location: Vereda Los Arados
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Thermal Shock Washed & Lactobacillus Fermentation
Altitude: 1960 masl
Cup Score: 87
Cup profile: Berry candy, syrupy body, ginger flower tea

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The Geisha varieties adapted to the Cauca region have been characterized by having a delicate, citric, aromatic, very fruity and winey profile when fermented in cherry, thanks to the climatic conditions, the altitude, the terroir and the intense rains in the year allow the development of a brilliant profile that highlights the quality of this variety.

The process begins with the harvest of overripe grape point coffee cherries, which, due to their longer contact time with the coffee seeds, manage to impregnate more fruit flavors from the pulp. After the coffee cherries have two fermentation phases, the first in submerged cherry for 48 hours and the second depulped coffee in solid state for 24 hours with addition of Lactobacillus Dried in a dehumidifier to remove humidity, preserving the soft notes of the coffee and avoiding the over-oxidation of the coffee seed and stopping the metabolic processes to avoid overfermentation. 

Stabilization and storage in a cool place 

Selection and hulling according to the quality standard