Indonesia - Mount Argopuro | Natural | Kartika, Orange Bourbon, Typica, Java


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Location: Mt.Argopuro, East java
Varietal: Kartika, Orange Bourbon, Typica, Java
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1100-1500 masl
Cup Score: 86.00
Cup profile: Pomelo, green apple, rambutan, bubblegum, silky body

Package: 5KG


The fertile volcanic slopes of Mt. Argopuro in East Java produce exceptional specialty coffee beans. At an elevation of 1100-1500 meters, the mineral-rich soil and ideal climate nurture the coffee trees grown by local farmers.

Farmers harvest the crop by hand, carefully selecting only the ripest, fullest red cherries. The freshly picked cherries are transported to the wet mill in the village of Botolinggo.

At the wet mill, the cherries first undergo thorough washing to remove residue. Skilled workers then sort the cherries by density in water channels and inspect them by hand to remove any defects. Only the highest quality cherries will be processed further.

The sorted cherries are laid out to dry slowly in the sun for 11-13 days. They are frequently turned and checked to prevent uneven drying. After reaching an optimum moisture level, the dried beans are sent to the dry mill in Driyorejo.

Here the dried parchment is removed and the emerald green beans undergo several rounds of sorting. They are graded by size, screened for defects, and sorted by density. The most perfect, uniform beans are selected for export.

This exemplary East Java coffee is a testament to the rich terroir of Mt. Argopuro and the dedication of generations of local coffee farmers. The result of their efforts is a green coffee of outstanding character and quality.