WELCOME TO MICRO - 1KG SELECTION PACK | 5 x 1kg Box | Mixed Processing | Multi Origin


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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5 x 1kg green coffee selection pack curated to showcase the Micro range.

Multiple origins and processes with coffees scoring from 84-88.

Price shown is per 5kg Box.


4497 – Ethiopia, Kabira

Process: Natural
Cup score: 88
Cup profile: Tropical, raspberry & apple, milk chocolate, long finish 

Roasting notes:

This is a delicate coffee that needs a delicate hand in the roast. Let it adjust to the heat with a 1-2 minute soak before hitting your full heat. This one all happens post crack. It cracks like mad so be ready as it will try to bolt if you let it. Ease off the heat to keep the colour down and ensure plenty of airflowH to keep the smoke away from masking those delicate florals. Shoot for 1 minute post-crack development but keep the end temp down around 4/5 degrees over crack. 

3918 – Yemen, Harazi 2415

Process: Anaerobic Natural
Cup Score: 87
Cup profile: Red wine, chocolate malt, balsamic, spicey and complex 

Roasting notes:

Very much the wild card, this coffee is unusual across the board including how it behaves under heat. That said, just treat it like a normal natural – not too aggressive on the heat and keep it on the lighter side after crack. What’s nice about this coffee is that it’s really versatile and will drastically change character depending on roast style. If you want big winey body and to tone down the big tartaric acidity, then go a bit longer and a hint darker. You’ll increase body and break down some of those volatile acids.

4247 – Ethiopia, Beshasha Lot 3

Process: Washed
Cup Score: 87.25
Cup Profile: Bergamot lemons, black tea, peach, orange blossom 

Roasting notes:

An all out classic and a paradigm of washed Ethiopian coffee. You need power at the start of the roast as these high-grown beans are super dense. Roast it hot and fast and race it through crack but keeping the colour down. Use your nose here, when you start to smell bergamot lemons you’ve unlocked it so get it out soon after. 

4770 – Costa Rica, El Perezoso

Process: Washed
Cup Score: 84.5
Cup Profile: Toffee, orange, dates, milk chocolate 

Roasting Notes:

Accessible and forgiving, this is a great coffee to play with in the roast. Going a hint longer and darker will lend itself to the espresso drinker who wants tons of chocolate and nuts with some nice stone fruit acidity. Play with keeping the colour on the light side with less post crack development and you’ll showcase some of the complexity of this coffee that will really shine as the coffee cools when brewed.

4609 – Colombia, Inza Asorcafe DECAF

Process: Sugarcane
Cup Score: 86
Cup Profile: lemon and lime acidity, dates, malty, delicate and tea like

Roasting notes:

Don’t be fooled by how it looks. Although this will look light in the roast throughout due to the discolouration of the beans caused by the decaffeination process, this coffee needs heat so go a little long and keep the heat on through crack. The crack is also quiet so listen up. When you hear it go, let it roll for around 1:20 – 1:50, shooting for 10 degrees over crack temp. This surprisingly complex coffee rewards experimentation and will challenge decaf sceptics.