COLOMBIA - INMACULADA FELLOW FARMS | Signature Natural Geisha *Competition Coffee*


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Inmaculada Fellow Farms
Location: Pinchinde, Valle De Cauca
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700-2000masl 
Cup Score: 90
Cup profile: Complex, floral, expressive, clear, vibrant; tangerine, jasmine flowers.

We are extremely lucky to be able to offer this ultra rare, 90 point scoring  nano-lot from the miraculous Inmaculada Fellows Farm in Colombia. We received a very small amount of their "signature" naturally processed Geisha. For good reason this is an extremely coveted coffee. If you're looking for a competition coffee that truly showcases the peak of coffee cultivation and processing in the world, then this is it. 


Inmaculada Farms

Inmaculada Coffee Farms is in the village of Pichindé, a county in the municipality of Cali, located within the state of Valle del Cauca, Colombia. This area is surrounded by the Farallones National Park, in the Andes mountain range with an elevation between 1,700 and 2,000 meters above sea level. The Holguin Ramos belongs to a family with a profound tradition in the agroindustry sector for over ninety years. They have seen the richness and generosity of this land.

In 2010 they decided to create "Inmaculada Coffee Farms" as a way of giving back in a sustainable way the love and happiness they have received from the community of Pichindé. lt has been almost a decade since they engaged in a dream of planting coffee in a territory that was merely in pasture and brush, but thanks to its nature, altitude, climate, beauty and lots of work, it has turned out to be the perfect environment for planting exotic coffee varieties.

They have planted some of the finest beans ever grown on earth. The plantation is surrounded with the most diverse cover plants like: guamo, acacias, lemon, guabos, citronella, and a legume shrub called tephrosia making this natural habitat the perfect shade for producing the most delicious exotic coffee beans.

They never imagined that these selected beans that arrived to this land would be génerous enough to produce one of the best coffee aromas and flavours of the world. That is why with a cup we can drink a complex Bourbon, a fruitful Gesha, an aromatic Eugenioides, an intense Sudan Rume or a light Laurina.


It is considered to produce a very aromatic and floral cup of coffee and the demand for it has grown in recent years. To explain why people like Geisha, first there is a need to explain how the coffee industry looks at quality. As an industry the coffee world has informally agreed and generally calibrated that certain flavours and sensations are better than others. This concept of better is built on the idea that if a flavour or sensation is rarer or more clearly perceived it is superior. The flavours though must be driven by either fruit, tea, and or florality. Geisha in the cup is complex, floral, expressive, clear, vibrant, and delicious. It is a unique coffee that has attracted markets because of this uniqueness. A lot of what is delicious about geisha can be traced back to its origin, Ethiopia. Geisha coffee is expressed as "The miraculous and the best coffee in the world", "The most expensive one", or "Coffee with refined fruity flavour and sweet taste". It has a refined sweet taste like a full ripened tangerine and a flavour like a flower of Jasmine. With a refreshing flavour the profile of Geisha makes it a champion among coffee varieties.


The process to the Inmaculada Geisha is attractive in a very specific way. The magic to their natural Geisha is that they keep the terroir of the coffee intact, by having a 0 hour fermentation. They have realized that the habitat and conditions of their coffee fields provide perfect conditions for the coffee. 

An important aspect that defines a big part of their coffee is that they process the coffee from each day and picker in a separate way, trying to keep batches apart until they decide what goes towards Family Reserve or towards Signature that is their highest scoring coffee.

This implies that the coffee is picked by experienced pickers, then floated (this also helps cleaning the cherries) and finally electronically sorted by a very advanced machine, determining what goes towards their high tier specialty coffee - the one you are getting - and what is used as B product. After sorting the coffee, they pass the cherries to a parabolic solar dryer until target moisture is achieved (10.5%). 

Finally, after milling the coffee in a rigorous way, they cup every single batch to decide whether it gets classified as Family Reserve (SCA 87-88) or as Signature (SCA 88-90).