Brazil - Santa Hedwirges | Natural | Topazio


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Santa Hedwirges
Location: Boa Esperança, Sul De Minas
Varietal: Topazio
Process: Natural
Altitude: 970 masl
Cup Score: 84
Cup profile: Orange and raisin with dark chocolate and cream

Package: 5KG


Santa Hedwirges (SH) Coffees has over 90 years of history and tradition in the production of coffee. The estate is a total of 2400 hectares planted with 1100 coffee trees, consisting of Yellow and Red Catuai, Topázio, Arara, Rubi and Mundo Novo. The farm has a strong ethos for environmental and social production, working as harmoniously as possible with the land and providing a beneficial working environment for farm employees. Sustainable environmental practices are constantly implemented and evaluated, seeking to promote biodiversity in the field. The planting native trees, implementing sewage treatment and the correct use of pesticides are some of the actions taken to preserve the more than 350 hectares of green areas within the farm.

There are 4 independent production centres on the estate, allowing for a separation of different micro climates and varietals from different parcels of land. The family spent 4 years researching new drying technologies before finally choosing a style of static box that allows them dry the coffee in a controlled and slow manner, as well as move it once a day. All the systems are controlled through a computer program, which allows them to manage large volumes during harvest, especially when the weather is not favourable for patio drying.

This lot was then taken to the patio drying for 19 days (sun dried). This is longer than the standard drying in Brazil, which is usually 7-10 days on a patio. This longer time allows the coffee to continue fermenting whilst on the patio giving the more prominent fruit flavours in the cup. After drying down to 11 %, the coffee is rested for 10 days before hulling and storing prior to export.