Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Farm: Fazenda Mundo Novo
Owner: Alexandre Souza Santos Castro Cambraia
Location: São Francisco de Paula
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Red Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1050 masl
Cup Score: 85
Cup profile: Peach, orange, caramel, milk chocolate and hazelnut



Falcon Micro won Mundo Novo lot #8 through the SanCoffee Brasil auction .

Despite being a fourth-generation coffee grower, Alexandre Cambraia had a rough start when he succeeded his father in a farm that was on the brink of bankruptcy. The challenges were many, especially for someone who had grown up and studied in a bug city. Through great determination, Alexandre was able to get more capital to invest in new crops, while learning skills to take care of the coffee plants and manage a farm. Currently, Fazenda Mundo Novo continues as the family's legacy.

Cherries were harvested at the maturation peak and it was immediately moved to the patio over a white cloth in order to avoid absorbing too much heat. The cherries dried very slowly over 20 days, leaving the beans more time in contact with the mucilage. Very thins layers were used to prevent undesired fermentation and raking only started at the "raisin" stage to avoid depulping or damaging the cherries. The process was finished in a vertical drier, using mild temperatures trying to replicate the sunlight conditions.

Sancoffee was born in 2000 as a specialty coffee coop.

Since its foundation, Sancoffee has been the main driving force for quality in the Campo das Vertentes region. We strive to consistently produce amazing coffees, using the most advanced and sustainable agricultural practices, empowering coffee growers to access international markets and build long-lasting relationships with roasters and importers around the globe.

Deeply inserted in the local community, Sancoffee is a proud supporter of initiatives to generate progress and prosperity through the coffee business. Along with the member farms, the coop is engaged in several projects aiming social and environmental responsibility to ensure the sustainability of the coffee activity in the long term.

Each bean carries the soul and the hard work of a coffee grower. Each cup is the expression of our terroir. We work relentlessly to showcase these coffees around the world, keeping loyal to our history and values.