AMERICAS SELECTION PACK | 5 x 1kg Pack | Mixed Processing | Multi Origin


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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5 x 1kg green coffee selection pack curated to showcase the diversity of coffees from the South and Central Americas.

Multiple origins and processes with coffees scoring from 84-88. 

Price shown is per 5kg Box.


4717 Guatemala, Farms of Lake Atitlan

Process: Washed
Cup score: 85.5
Cup profile: Caramel, dates, orange, raspberry finish

Roasting notes:

A classic “Huehue”, coffees like this one (from Guatemala’s famous coffee region, Huehuetenango) are the reason that many people – especially fans of Centrals – think of Guats as the best of all worlds. With the base notes of a good Brazil and the complexity of a high-grown Colombian, Guats really do have it all, including high versatility. So long as you don’t go too dark, it will perform however you roast and brew it. 

4875 Nicaragua, Bethania

Process: Honey
Cup Score: 87.5
Cup profile: Neapolitan ice cream, Parma violet candy

Roasting notes:

Pudding in a cup, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla all rolled into one with the elegance of a dessert wine. The processing is heavy for a honey and the Maracaturra variety is big so you just need to be gentle with the heat at both ends of the roast. Aim for light on colour and shortish on post crack development (between 1 minute and 1:20). The acidity is long and soft and the mouthfeel is velvet, milk chocolate.

4957 Brazil, Rancho Grande

Process: Natural
Cup Score: 84
Cup Profile: Bakers’ chocolate, toasted almond, dried apricot

Roasting notes:

A big coffee from a big farm and perhaps the most honest of all coffees, high quality Brazilian coffee is unashamedly coffee. Tons of chocolate and nuts and huge on body, this is for brewing in large amounts and drinking all day every day. This one is good at taking heat so don’t be afraid to go a hint darker than you would with a natural. Go 10 degrees over crack and give it nearly 2 mins dvt for maximum choc.

4978 Honduras, Carlos Alfredo

Process: Natural
Cup Score: 88
Cup Profile: Tiramisu, single cream, malt loaf

Roasting notes:

Honduras used to be known as the Latin American coffee of unremarkable quality and low character. This coffee proves that this could not be further from the truth. Conversely, this one will prove divisive. Boozey and syrupy sweet, this coffee is decadent and huge on flavour. It’s heavily processed and the beans are large so just be ready for it darken up quite quickly and hold a lot of energy, meaning if you ease off the heat at crack, its thermal energy should get you to the end of the roast on its own.

4609 – Colombia, Inza Asorcafe DECAF

Process: Sugarcane
Cup Score: 86
Cup Profile: lemon and lime acidity, dates, malty, delicate and tea like

Roasting notes:

Don’t be fooled by how it looks. Although this will look light in the roast throughout due to the discolouration of the beans caused by the decaffeination process, this coffee needs heat so go a little long and keep the heat on through crack. The crack is also quiet so listen up. When you hear it go, let it roll for around 1:20 – 1:50, shooting for 10 degrees over crack temp. This surprisingly complex coffee rewards experimentation and will challenge decaf sceptics.