Efrain 90+ Geisha, Peru | Natural


Unroasted raw green coffee beans

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Owner: Falcon Coffees Peru
Producers: Efrain Carhuallocllo
Location: Cajamarca, Peru
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1800 - 2000
Cup Score:  90
Cup profile:
Floral, complex, lingering, dried peach, red berries, tangerine, mango, bee honey.


Size: 1KG


As one of the most innovative coffee producers in Peru, Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador runs his farm and wet mill with extreme precision and care. He owns 4 hectares of land in the village of El Corazon located in Chirinos district. Efrain grows both yellow and red Caturra and Geisha varieties. Passionate about implementing sustainable practices, Efrain does not use using any herbicides or pesticides on his farms.