Brazil - Fazenda Pinhal | Natural | Mixed

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Farm: Fazenda Pinhal
Location: San Antonio Do Amparo, Sul De Minas
Varietal: Topazio, Arrara, Catucai, Bourbon
Process: Natural, dried in static boxes
Altitude: 1050-1100 masl
Humidity: 11.2%
Density ( gram/liter ): 730
Cup Score: 84.5
Cup profile: Ripe red berries, milk chocolate, red apple sweetness and rounded body

Package: 5KG


Fazenda Pinhal is a 914 ha farm situated close to San Antonio De Ampoaro in Sul De Minas. The farm belongs to the Gabarra Teixeria family who acquired the farm in 1994. Only 33% of the farm is planted with coffee. The rest of the land has been left with natural reserve crops such as Eucalyptus. The Family own 4 connected farms
totalling 1000 ha of land and 500 ha of coffee production.

In 2019 & 2022 the farm won the award for Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farm and in 2019 they installed solar panels which now supplies 100% of their energy usage. They are certified carbon negative, and since 2020, for every 1kg of coffee produced they sequestered 20kg of CO2.

On the farm, they have also started a bird sanctuary to help rehabilitate and care for injured birds and have coordinated research programs with students from the local universities. The welfare of their employees is very important to them. They provide dental care plans for employees and are researching with a local university ways to make the working environment more sustainable.

This coffee is a mixed variety natural process. The cherries are picked with selective mechanical picking, then floated to remove light and underripe beans. It’s then placed in static boxes for 8 days. On the 4th day the coffee is mixed to ensure uniform drying. It then spends 60 days in wooden silos before being prepared for shipment.